Mindmaps of knowledge

Year 6 have been thinking about all they have learnt! They have created several great mindmaps on the four operations! They have even included great examples to reinforce the method!! It has not only be limited to math! A mindmap of grammatical terms has also been created!

   Are there any other skills you could now add to these mind maps?


Homework Autumn 2 Week 1

This week the homework is due in Wednesday 11th November 2015!

Reading: You should be reading every day. Remember to write a summary or prediction in your reading diary. Your reading diaries need to be signed every week!

Math: Angle Measuring

This week you have been learning how to measure, draw and explain types of angle.

For homework we would like you to:

  • identify the type of angle
  • Give reasons for the type of angle
  • Predict the size and then measure the angle.
  • You should then attempt to draw a given angle. Remember to tell us the type of angle and how you know.

Please ask to borrow a protractor if you need one, but  you must remember to return it in the same condition. Make sure you show a teacher or TA that you have brought it back!

Topic: Adaption

You are to choose an animal of your choice and identify how it has physically adapted to its habitat.

You can draw or stick the image of the chosen animal in the book and then label and explain the reasons for these adaptions.

Make sure you write a comment and your parent/carer signs or comments on this slip below and that it is returned with your homework (even if it’s on the blog) to your teacher, by Wednesday.

If you are finding something challenging then please come and speak to us or leave a message on here. You can also tell us here on the blog what you enjoyed about the homework!

Spring Homework Week 4

Spring Week 4. This homework is due on 4th February 2015


This week we have been planning our own newspaper article about the battle between Athens and Sparta. For homework we would like you to create your own newspaper article. It can be about something connected with Ancient Greece, or a have a different focus.

You may present your article using the computer, or do it by hand.

Remember the great vocabulary you have learnt this week:

journalist                       leaked document               citizens

exclaimed                     demanded                         whispered

reported                       merciless                            corresponded

If you think of any other great vocabulary or phrases, post them on the blog to help others!


We would like you to ensure that you know your times tables, as you will be tested on them next week.

If you already know them, then can you recall the prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers under 100?

(Remember these can help with other calculations!)


You have been given spellings to learn from your Grammar group, you will be tested on these on Monday.

BALANCE CHALLENGE How long can you keep your balance?

Here is the P.E. blog! While my challenge is to begin to run again, can you attempt the balance challenge that has been set?

Selsdon Primary P.E. Blog


Hi everyone,

as you might already know we are exploring the unit gymnastics on the first term. I would like you to try this balance challenge and comment in this blog when you have done it.

Balance Challenge

What you need:

• Ruler
• Stopwatch
• Data Sheet
• Pencil

What to do:

1. Stand barefoot on a flat, hard surface.
2. Start the stopwatch.
3. Lift your left foot about 6 inches off the ground. How many seconds can you stay balanced before you feel wobbly or your foot touches the ground?
4. Record the number of seconds you were able to stay balanced.
5. Repeat this two more times to calculate your average balance time.

*For an even bigger challenge, try these moves while you balance:

-touch your nose with alternating fingers
-put both hands on your head
-pat your head and rub your stomach
-hands on your…

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The Science Blog Is Here!

Can you attempt the challenge set in the science blog?

Selsdon and Heavers Science Blog

Welcome to the Science Blog! Hit the follow button to keep up to date with all the scientific things going on at Selsdon. Here’s a competition to kick things off.

Competition #1

Asking Questions.

Questioning things is the most important part of science. Wanting to know the unknown is what sends people to the moon, cures disease and makes remarkable discoveries.


Ask a question about our planet.

Ask your question in the comments box below and don’t forget to leave your name and class. The biggest, most thoughtful question will win a merit this Friday in assembly (16-01-15). I will also try my best to answer the winning question.

Good luck!

Mr Harper-Penrose

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Maths Challenge – Spring 2

6K this morning I challenged you to comment on other blogs from school! Can you attempt the challenge that has been set?

Heavers Farm & Selsdon Primary Schools Maths Blog

Hi everyone,Thinking cap

Year 6 at Selsdon this weekend are creating maths problems based on things they get up to at the weekend!

Here’s an example:

I took my pocket money to the shops and bought a magazine for £2.10 and some loombands for £1. How much did I spend?

Can you solve the example and then write one of your own? It could be about:

  • Sharing something with your brother or sister
  • Cutting a cake or a pizza you have eaten into fractions
  • Working out the old price of something you bought in the sales

Looking forward to hearing them! Get those thinking caps on!

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